Are Same Day Dental Implants Worth It?

These days, instead of dentures, bridges, or flippers, people are taking the safer route of having new teeth directly implanted to replace the missing ones. Having new teeth implanted has become the most popular way of replacing missing teeth. But how long can a procedure like this take?

More and more places want to promise their clients that they can get their missing teeth replaced instantly. Doing so makes it more convenient for the client because it can all be done in one day, but it poses a few risks:

  1. It only works for certain situations. In many situations, the client might not have the healthiest teeth or the strongest jaw bone. Having same day implants for people with these issues is not the best option because it could lead to nerve damage or infection.
  2. The upper jaw implants can cause sinus problems
  3. Implant movement can cause failure
    In order for the same day implant to work, the procedure requires the implant to be installed in such a precise way, that it cannot move.

Same-day implants may be very convenient and less time consuming for the client but poses more risks than benefits. So what do we do instead?

Traditional implants are a safer and more substantial alternative. The health of your teeth is the most important thing to consider in any procedure. When it comes to dental implants, the best way to do this procedure would be to install a screw in the spot of the implant the first day and let it sit for about 4 months to make sure the surrounding gums, nerves, and jaw bone all remain healthy. Once that is complete, your mouth is ready for a new crown. This alternative is our recommendation because it is low risk and is more substantial than same day dental implants.

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