Wisdom Teeth Extraction and Anesthesia Information

What are wisdom teeth?

They are the last of the molars to develop on both sides of the jaw, top and bottom. They usually grow into the mouth around the late teens and twenties.

Why do a lot of people get their wisdom teeth taken out?

They can cause uncomfortable pain and complications if not aligned correctly when they grow in.

How are wisdom teeth removed?

The wisdom teeth are extracted during routine oral surgery performed by your dentist or oral surgeon. Anesthesia or Novocain is given to the patient as a sedative over a period of about one to two hours.

What is the average recovery time from this surgery?

A few days, you’ll know as your swelling and pain level go down.

How does general anesthesia affect the body?

General anesthesia puts the patient “to sleep” because the muscles in the body become extremely relaxed. This means that patients must be monitored closely because they may not have normal control of their bodily mechanisms. Patients may actually be awake and unconscious instead of sleeping.


Why does anesthesia make some people act silly after they wake up?

Everyone reacts differently to anesthesia. The temporary loss of awareness patients experience under general anesthesia causes them to go into a dream-like state of mind, so what is said out loud by the patient after dental surgery varies on a person-to-person basis.