Top 10 Teeth-Shaped Things!

We love teeth so much that we decided to scour the internet to see if anyone else does too. It took no time at all to see that other fanatics exist! It’s proven by the vast amount of teeth-shaped items one can buy. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 teeth-shaped items here for all the tooth-lovers out there!

  1. Soap

When you’re washing your hands why not feel extra clean knowing that this tooth-shaped soap helped to make your hands as squeaky clean as your pearly whites.


  1. Earrings

These beauties pair delightfully with any occasion or season. Wear them out and make everyone around jealous of your immaculate style.


  1. Tongs

The perfect way to serve up a leafy green salad! Don’t forget your dental health is partially determined by your nutrition.


  1. Glasses

Use these as a definite conversation starter for any situation.


  1. Chairs

Welcome people into your home, office, etc. knowing that they will be comfortably sitting on molar-shaped chairs.


  1. Candles

Set a mood that says “Don’t forget to brush twice a day.”


  1. Plant Pots

Remind those around you that just like plants, your teeth are growing and need proper of TLC too.


  1. Push-pins

Post something inspirational on your bulletin board each day to stay on track with whatever goal you’re working towards.


  1. USB Flash Drive

Every time you plug in this beauty to your computer you’ll think of all the dental information you can look up on the web!


  1. Tissue Box Holder

After crying tears of joy over your great dental health status after your dental check up, you’ll be able to wipe those tears away in style.