Taking Care of Your Sick Kids and Their Teeth


Did you know when your little ones are under the weather, helping them take care of their teeth can will make them feel better sooner?

Nurse those little ones back to health while helping them care for their teeth by doing this!

Their Teeth Need Nursing Too!

Have your kids drink plenty of water when they are sick. If they drink something like fruit juice or a sports drink, it’s best to have them rinse thoroughly with water after so the sugars in those other drinks don’t sit on their teeth all day.

A big one is to give your kids a new toothbrush after they shake off and are out of the woods with what is ailing them.

Help them set a routine for good dental habits when they are sick:

Keep some floss by their bed – that way if they don’t want to crawl out of bed to make it to the bathroom for floss, it’s already there in short reach.

Giving a little reminder to brush their teeth when they are able to make it to the bathroom – Get all the ‘must do’s’ knocked out in one trip.

Now, let’s talk about… vomit. Yeah, it’s gross, but here a good tip to follow when your kids throw up. Rinse their mouth with water, waiting at least 1 hour before brushing their teeth. Vomit contains stomach acids. Brushing your kids’ teeth after they throw up is not a good idea. It will scratch tooth enamel. Instead, have them rinse their mouth with some water or a fluoridated mouthwash. The mouthwash will help them get the taste out of their mouth and clear out the germs and bacteria there. Then, after an hour, they can brush their teeth.

 Keep the Kids Healthy

It’s horrible to see our kids sick. Here are some things you can do to ensure their illness goes away faster.

Aside from the obvious – (taking them to the doctor to determine what’s ailing them),

Plenty of rest is a top priority. Most will want to sleep or rest, but when some want to stay up and watch movies or play video games, talk with their buddies on the phone, etc. – nix all of that. Encourage them to sleep, take it easy and stay unplugged. They can catch up with the BFF’s after the flu flies the coup!

Drink plenty of fluids! Keep ‘em hydrated and make sure the vitamins they need to keep the old immune system fueled for fighting off that bug!

Have them wash their hands often!

 It’s no fun being sick! Follow these suggestions and you will help your children kick that bug quicker all while keeping them thinking (and maintaining) good dental health.