The “Skinny” on Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening (sometimes called bleaching, although bleach is never used) has become the most popular cosmetic procedure provided in our dental office.Here are some interesting and useful facts to know when considering tooth whitening:pic

• Our most popular treatment option utilizes an at-home, tray delivered whitening gel. We offer two systems in our office. The first (pictured) is a kit of pre-loaded disposable trays. The second are custom made trays and gel applicant (this system allows us to adjust the concentration of whitening gel, for more difficult staining).

• In-office whitening is also available and utilizes higher concentrated gel that requires special (barrier) protection of the gums. This system can produce impressive results in a short time, usually 60 minutes! In our office we pair In-office whitening with the custom trays for follow up and lasting results.

• Light or heat catalysts are often advertised as impressive adjuncts to in-office whitening, but have little benefit in effect according to “The Clinicians Report,” a well respected national dental products evaluator.

• At home systems need only be used 20-30 minutes each day as the gel loses its effectiveness after that length of time.

• The newest whitening gels incorporate ingredients that reduce tooth sensitivity during treatment.

• Dental office provided systems are the safest systems to use because the treatment is monitored by dental health professionals.

We would be delighted to tell you more about what we can do for you to make your teeth sparkle! Call us today!