Seal Out Tooth Pain, Decay, and Cavities

What are dental sealants?

Dental sealants are plastic coatings used to seal deep pits and grooves before a cavity starts, preventing the need for additional restorative work. It can be difficult to reach into certain areas of the mouth, like the back teeth, when brushing regularly. Sealants are therefore used to protect the overall surfaces of the back teeth from things like tooth decay and cavities.

What happens during a sealant procedure?

  1. Preparation – Your dental hygienist will polish the tooth as they do in a routine check-up. They do this to distinguish the correct tooth and dry it so that all possible debris is removed before the application.
  2. Application – The sealant is applied to the tooth surface. A light is used to bond the two together.
  3. Quick Follow-Up – Your dental specialist will check to see if the sealant is secure on the tooth. The plastic coating will harden to the point where you can use your teeth comfortably to chew with the tooth again.

Does it hurt?

The procedure should be relatively painless and does not often require the application of Novocain or local anesthesia. It can take a day or two to for the sealant to fully take to the tooth, but you can resume eating normally the day of the procedure.

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