Leave it to Beaver!

Fluoride treatments provide a strong defense in fighting cavity causing decay, but is there something better on the horizon?
Researchers are chewing on this question now as they study the teeth of beavers. While structurally alike, human and beaver teeth differ in their chemical make- up. In our teeth magnesium provides protection of the enamel and in beavers’ teeth the protection comes from iron.

Why is this significant?

Scientists have found that the reddish iron rich enamel of a beaver is stronger and harder than even fluoride treated human teeth.

What can be gained from this discovery?
Researchers are saying that this could lead to better understanding of tooth decay, earlier detection of dental diseases and improved decay prevention treatments.

And so…

Even those who frown at the antics of this furry critter can smile to think of the possible benefits and applications that may soon be ours thanks to the beaver!

For more information go to: http://www.northwestern.edu/newscenter/stories/2015/02/making-teeth-tough-beavers-show-way-to-improve-our-enamel-.html