What You Should Know Before You Get Dentures

Dentures are really just replacements for teeth that are missing.

They can be taken out and put back in to the mouth as often as necessary. There are actually two types of dentures. Complete dentures are used when all teeth are missing and partial are used when some natural teeth

Treat your dentures like you treat your natural teeth.

You should clean your mouth just as you would with natural teeth, always making sure to get the cheeks, gums, and tongue. You should also rinse your dentures before you brush them and continue to do so daily to ensure that bacteria, food, and plaque are not staining or damaging your dentures.

Do not listen to myths.

Three commonly said, but untrue, myths to be aware of are that food and drinks will be more difficult to consume regularly with dentures, dentures last forever, and that people will know when you are wearing dentures.

Dentures should fit comfortably in the mouth. They should not make it harder to eat foods or drink any beverages. Dentures do break, but shouldn’t for a very long time with proper care. They will not last forever because they are commonly made of acrylic and porcelain and these substances and tend to wear over time with use. Dentures should be properly fit to the teeth when fit to the individual. They will also mimic how natural teeth look. Your dentist will make sure you are comfortable with the overall look and feel before you leave.


Dentures can prove to be effective in many situations where natural teeth are injured, removed, or lost. If you think you may need dentures talk to your dental team today to find the best solution for you!