What You Eat Can Affect Your Oral Health

What you eat plays a role in your oral health. Eating well ensures that you are getting all the proper nutrients into your body and building up your body’s immunity to things like tooth decay and infections.

Many processed foods contained high amounts of sugars, carbohydrates, and starches. Foods with high amounts of these things can contribute to the creation of plaque acids. Once developed these acids can eventually attack tooth enamel, ultimately leading to the formation of cavities. Some good news is that your saliva is actually able to wash away some of the plaque acids that develop as you eat. Your saliva can only do so much for your oral health and dependent on how much of these not-so-great foods that you put in your body it may not be enough to protect your teeth.

This is not to say that all foods that contain sugars, carbohydrates, and starches are bad. This is to say that you should try to lessen the amounts of foods that have been known to contain less of the nutrients you need and more of the things you don’t, like added sugars. Items like dairy products and vegetables contain higher amounts of sugars than you might expect. Things like cheese, fruit, almonds, and raw veggies are super nutritious and help get your body the vitamins and nutrients that are good for you into your system. Try to read nutrition labels and limit sugary snacks like pop or juices whenever you can. Remember, it’s all about moderation.

Your diet really does contribute to how your mouth looks and feels on a day-to-day basis. To look and feel good remember to be conscious of the foods you put into your body.