Do You Have Sensitive Teeth?

Have you ever found yourself avoiding drinking or eating things like ice cream or hot coffee? Are sensitive teeth to blame for your occasional or frequent dental discomfort?

Sensitive teeth are a common issue that many people experience. If you are in this group you are definitely not alone, but have you ever wondered why you have this problem?

When the tissue found beneath the enamel level is worn down or gums are receding this can cause nerves in that area to become irritated. This can be extremely painful for some and may also signify deeper problems. Symptoms for a cavity or abscess can be similar to the experience one who experiences teeth sensitivity, so it is good to get it checked out. When teeth hurt consistently for four or more days in a row schedule a visit to the dentist. It is important to get a professional opinion when daily activities like eating or drinking are impaired due to discomfort.

There are many treatments available to help alleviate pain, such as in office treatments or something as simple as switching to a toothpaste to one that contains a desensitizing agent. A dentist is the perfect person to discuss treatments for your tooth sensitivity when trying to figure out what works best for you. Contact us today!