Which Should You Choose (Electric or Manual Toothbrush)?

Which toothbrush will really provide the best care for your pearly whites?

Bristle Quality and Size: When choosing the correct toothbrush for you, it is important to note how rough you want your bristles to be against your gums and teeth. Both electric and manual toothbrushes can have hard or soft bristles. The amount of bristles on each brush often varies.

End Goals: With a manual toothbrush, it is possible to reach more than one tooth at a time because there are generally more bristles on the base structure. With an electric toothbrush, there are many ways to get a deeper clean that is more focused on a specific tooth. This is often because the angle one uses and base size of the toothbrush allows the brush to reach farther back in the mouth in spaces that are hard to reach.

Price: Another important consideration to make is how much your toothbrush will cost you. When purchasing electric, you will have to purchase the initial base of the brush as well as replacement heads down the road. Often, your dentist will give you a new manual toothbrush when you go in for your routine check-up.

The answer to whether you should buy an electric or a manual toothbrush truly depends on your personal preferences. It is very important to know your what you want and research what will work best for you. Feel free to ask our dental specialists at Nicollet Station Dental any questions you have when in the pursuit of a new brush.