Ca-Ching! The tooth fairy pays out big!

A recent article in U.K.’s Daily has caught our attention. The article centers around two surveys that looked at the amount of money children are given by the tooth fairy.

Their findings? Kids are making out exceedingly well! In fact, a survey cited by Delta Dental found that the tooth fairy left a whooping $225 million under the pillow last 0412_tooth-fairy_280x340year and that number is up 25% from the previous year!

So, how much is a single tooth going for these days? $13.25 in New York City and $9.69 in Los Angeles says Sunstar gum.

Delta Dental’s regional survey yielded more conservative figures: Midwest $2.83; Northeast $4.16; West $4.68; and $5.16 in the South.

One thing that we all agree on is that the gummy smiles of our brave little kids are priceless!